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diplexing slider

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Hi all, can you guide me one the concept of diplexing the slider segments

Thanks & Regards-


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I think the CSD CapSense datasheet explains the concept better than I could express that. Search the PDF for "diplexing" to find the areas of concern. When you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.



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There are extended docs here -


Recommended Reading
Cypress recommends reading the following documents before implementing a CapSense design using
the SmartSense_EMC User Module. These documents are available at the Cypress Semiconductor
„ CY8C20x66 Series PSoC Mixed Signal Array Technical Reference Manual, section: CapSense Sys
„ CY8C20X36A/46A/46AS/66A/66SA/96A family device datasheet
„ Getting Started with CapSense
„ CY8C20xx6A/H CapSense Design Guide


Regards, Dana.

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