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Debugging Problem!

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i want debugging with the ICE-Cube, the CY3280-20x66 board. If i start the debugger the message comes

Runtime Error!

Program: ... \PSoc Designer 5\PSoCdesigner.exe

abnormal program termination

after that

Could not detect the pod

1. ...

I'm working with

PSoC Designer Content 5.1 (SP1.1)- Build 2110 - 29-March-2011.14:20:08
PSoC Designer Core 5.1  (SP1.1)- Build 2110 - 29-March-2011.14:20:08
PSoC Designer Documentation 5.1 (SP1.1)- Build 2110 - 29-March-2011.14:20:08

Thanks for help.



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Dear Hubert,

your problem should go directly to our support team. There will be some interaction between you and the team to resolve your issue. Please file a tech support case.

Once you are logged into Cypress please follow this link to create a support case or check the attachment how to navigate to the support from the Sypress home page.

Thank you for using Cypress and our team is here to help.


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