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cyfispi user module

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problem 1

i am using the 8c29466 in a sensor application mounted on the shaft of a generator in a power plant.

i am using the atraflex awp24s module

i wanted to use the cyfispi module, but only the cyfisnp shows up in the rf user modules.

the files for the cyfispi are in the following directory

C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Designer\5.1\Common\CypressSemiDeviceEditor\Data\SHAREDUM\CYFISPI

how can i accomplish this?

problem 2

i would use the snp but i can not find a sniffer to test if the packets are being generated

artaflex has the awp24u which works with the cyfispi (fixed channel, freq, ect...)

is there a usb hub with sniffer app that will work with the cyfisnp?


appreciate any help

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 I need this user module too. We are going to conduct some radio certification tests in a week and I was just informed that some of the tests need a higher level of control that I can't achieve with CyFiSNP. Please help with a hot fix to be able to add CyFiSPI!


Best Regards


/Marcus Hamberg

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