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CY7C1472BV25 SRAM Chip Migration | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C1472BV25 SRAM Chip Migration

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Hello. I'm planning to use multiple CY7C1472BV25 SRAM chips at my design (an Arbitrary Waveform Generator) and I want to migrate them, so that they take up less I/O pins of my FPGA. According to the datasheet, there are two NC pins, the NC(288) and the NC(144) that "they are used for expansion to the 144M and 288M densities". Does anyone know how those pins work? How exactly does this migration (expansion) takes place?

Thank you,

Lambros Gavriilides

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Hi Lambros,

As I know, NC pins should left unconnected and should not be used for any purpose.

But to increase the depth of memory, chip select pin should be used as one extra address line and address, data bus can be connected togather for two chips.



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