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CSD_Start routine problem in PSoC 5.0 | Cypress Semiconductor

CSD_Start routine problem in PSoC 5.0

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one of developer consult us and asked a question about PsoC designer
program. He says that “I’was making dynamic configuration in PsoC Designer 4.4
but in PsoC Designer 5.0 I cannot do this anymore. When we first unload and
then load the CapSense by using dynamic configuration the key information which
are corresponded to CSD_Start routine has been deleted.” Customer also said
that they tried to open a “Case” in Cypress web site but could not achive this
(he says Case part of web site is not working properly) so this is why I'm writing this message. What can be done to solve this problem?


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PSoC Designer 5.2 Service Pack 1 is  available now, you  may  try  this   at:

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