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changing chip in a appnote | Cypress Semiconductor

changing chip in a appnote

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I downloaded a appnote for psoc1 on how to use a thermistor with a psoc one, however its setup with a different chip, How can I change it to the cy8c29466 I have? 


I cant seem to figure out how to change the chip.


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The keyword is "clone project". When starting a new project in the very first form where you provide information which device to use, there is the option to "clone" a project. Check that box, enter the project you want to clone and select your device. Keep an eye on any messages that may appear to point out any mis-matches between the selected hardware and the original.


Happy coding


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I have had instances where options in global resources on one part

do not show up in cloned part, so just double check HW settings to

make sure the clone "took".


Regards, Dana.

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