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Are you using Windows 2000 on your machine? | Cypress Semiconductor

Are you using Windows 2000 on your machine?

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Hello Everybody,

Cypress is planning to drop support for Windows 2000 for the PSoC Designer and PSoC Programmer tools. Before doing so, we would like to make sure that no one is using these platforms to run PSoC Designer or PSoC Programmer. Please give us your feedback if you happen to be using Win 2K.

Best Regards,

Sachin Gupta

Cypress Applications Support

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Two of my three machines run Win 2K (the last Windows OS you actually "owned" at some level when you bought it). I suppose you could drop it if it is that painful to support. My third machine is XP. Vista stinks. Not sure how big the linux crowd is out there.

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A little bit late, but why not drop the WHOLE Win* thing and code the application in Operating System independant language

I mean, JAVA!

I am using which is a singel program and it runs on ANY operating Systems runing JAVA 1.5 and higher

I am using for 11 years EXCLUSIVELY Debian GNU/Linux and have never had the need to run a proprietary OS which eat my resources and laks of stability. Even VariCAD and Eagle are runing under Linux and I use Blender, Povray and the Gimp too, to fullfill my Professionel needs.

Are there Plans for Linux-Develper stuff?

Thanks in Advance

Michelle Konzack

Owner and Chefdeveloper

Tamay Dogan Network

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Please keep Win2K support. Do not want Java anything. Slowest interpreted language ever devised by man. Every Java app I run is painfully slow. We still use W2K extensively because it just works, very little down time. XP is not bad, but Vista and W7 are nightmares.

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I am using Windows 7. I think I enjoy pain. I can't get the PSoC designer to connect to any POD. I am using ICE-CUBE for the communications & debug. Has anyone solved the problem with Windows 7 and designer? 

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