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Adding a Search Path in PSoC Designer

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PSoC Designer do not look in workspace directory by default for files (Designer 5.0 SP2)

How to add a search path in a PSoC Designer project to include a relative directory?

I have C source files and H header files located two directories above. (Where *.app is located, in workspace directory ?)

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Hi jmer,

I found an Application Note that might address your issue although it is not a 100% fit.

This Application Note talks about the Project Structure. If you upgraded from Designer 4.4 to Designer 5.0, the project file structure is different as described in the AN

Hope this help, Robert

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1) From the PSoC Designer IDE, do the following :

     Project -> Open for 'YourProjectName' Project

      This will open a text edit window for the file ""
2) Add the following lines to that file :



# Add to the include path the way PSoC Designer IDE manual says in section B.2.3.2
MY_INCLUDE_DIR= C:/whatever_your_directory_path_is
# Need to vpath the new include directory
vpath %.h $(MY_INCLUDE_DIR)


3) Do a "File -> Save All"

4) Do a "Build -> Generate/Build 'YourProjectName"

  That's it - your project can now include *.h files from an external directory.

best regards,

Tom Moxon


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