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Curious, I go to the element14 website, look at DVK link, and

Cypress trademark not shown amongst the other 9 vendors.

In fact in search for a manufacturer, Cypress not listed. Only

when I pick core can I find PSOC ? Or is it just me and my

poor internet skills ?


And of course its not obvious where to go for the 100 projects

in 100 days. If you look at "element14 Development Kits" again

Cypress not listed.


Just a thought.


Regards, Dana.

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Oh! Very odd

Yesterday, those are alive, when I visit there.

It is say Our service is temporarily unavailable.

It must be temporarily ???

My bookmark address is

- 100 projects -

- Pioneer Kit forum -

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My point of post is that Cypress in main menus and trademark displayed logos

is not present, your marketing department should be made aware of this.


Regards, Dana.

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Thanks for letting us know. 


Our marketing department has been working with element14 to try to figure out how to better fit Cypress into their site navigation.  Although their forum is great, I have to admit I find searching their site pretty difficult myself.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only person!



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