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Wrong identification of device by PSoC Creator 2.2 | Cypress Semiconductor

Wrong identification of device by PSoC Creator 2.2

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I have been using PSoC since 1.5 years with device model CY8C3865AXI-019, but after installing  PSoC creator 2.2 (programmer v1.3) when I want to program the device it identifies the device as CY8C3865AXA-019.

I have found a solution for that select the device CY8C3865AXI-019 as CY8C3865AXA-019 and it will work fine...

I was using another model also CY8C3866AXI-040 ES2 but since I have updated the PSoC creator 2.2 I cannot program Plz.

To program that device I have to run the program in PSoC creator 1 which creates problems in updated components.....


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Take a look at this -


and this


Basically Creator 2.2 removed most ES devices from their catalog. A board swap was

done some time ago. In general your best bet is to get the part replaced on the board

you have, if non Cypress, otherwise talk to local Cypress sales office to see if you can

swap out board/module you are using.


The exchange program -


Regards, Dana.

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