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Where i can find latest Creator 2.x? | Cypress Semiconductor

Where i can find latest Creator 2.x?

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in the section "archive of old versions" there is only version 2.1. on how many I remember it not the latest version. where I can find the newest version? 

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There is still no reason not using the latest Creator version (actually 3.3). You will be confronted with minor bugs that are quite difficult to trace when using one of the older versions. The PSoC5 without the LP has bugs in the silicone which partly have been cared for in the older versions. That was the reason why Cypress replaced all chips for free with the newer LP-versions.

You may create a Support Case for getting a Creator 2.2 version, but I assure you, it is as bad as the 2.1.



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One of the reasons for using Creator 2.2 is doing projects with PSoC5 - its the last version to support them. I still have some DevKits laying around that can be put to good use. So its strange that you can download 2.1 but not 2.2.

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