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Visual Studio to create the component customization dialog | Cypress Semiconductor

Visual Studio to create the component customization dialog

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Hi, is there a way of using Visual Studio with PSoC Creator when editing the component customization files in C#? I see in the components from the Cypress Component Catalog that there is a "something.designer.cs" which is auto-generated, I think, with VS. Is there any other integration such as debugging?


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 Yes, all the component customizers have been developed from within Visual Studio.  They use the Windows Forms capability of .Net.  You will want to construct component customizers using the graphical design capability of Visual Studio to layout the widgets that make up the form.  This can all be done using the free Express version of Visual Studio.  If you need to debug your customizer using Visual Studio, you can as well, but you will need the standard version of Visual Studio in order to connect to the running customizer that is started from Creator.

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Thanks a lot! knowing that it's a windows forms app it's been easy to set up.

Now I have a problem, once the customizer has been built once, I cannot rebuild it. I get an error saying that it couldn't write the customizer dll located in the customizer cache folder because it is being used by another process (which Windows identifies as psoc_creator.exe). The solution I've found for that is removing the customizer sources and adding them again one by one... so annoying.

Is that a Creator problem or am I doing something wrong?


PSoC Creator 2.2 (
Culture: English (United States)
OS Version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
CLR Version: 2.0.50727.5466



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