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Unable to open the project in PSoC Creator 1.0 Beta 2.0 ( | Cypress Semiconductor

Unable to open the project in PSoC Creator 1.0 Beta 2.0 (

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Hi all,

I tried to open my old project in PSoC Creator 1.0 Beta 2.0 (

But it shows

Error: prj.M0052: Unable to open the project "Project": (There is an error in XML document (1659, 3).). Address the error and try again.


how to rectify that? I think it may be due to PSoC Creator version on which project created is different from the Beta 2.0 , but how to check in which version project is created??


or some other reason is there for this error?


Kindly help.




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Is there a reason you are not running PSoC Creator 1.0 Beta 5?  The Beta 2 is very old now, and many things have been changed.



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It is advisable to use latest version of Creator in your project.

There is a way to determine the version in which the project was last built by doing the following:

1) Open the project folder from the location in which it is stored and open the .cydsn folder.

2) In the .cydsn folder, there is a project file which is of type "Unknown Project Type". This has an icon with the shape of a chip.

3) Right-click on this icon and open it using notepad.

4) Scroll to the bottom. The last but 4th line shows the version of the boot_component.

For example, if <boot_component v="cy_boot_v2_0" />, then it is Beta 5 version(cy_boot = version 2.0).

Older version of creator had older version of components.




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