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uart interrupts

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i am trying to use a uart for a design, when its placed on the design. They are no interrupts vecotr generated in the interrupts tab of the design wide ressource.

But when i use the uart_exemple i get a UART_RXInternalInterrpt irq vector.

Only solution that i have found so far is to use the uart v1.0

is there any other way to use that interrupt with the uart v1.2?

thank you

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I do not have a full answer for you right now but you also need to check that the buffer size is greater than 4 to use the internal interrupts. I am trying to find out why that is but thought a quick answer now might be helpful.

-- yfs

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Thank you very mcuh! u where right on!
my buffer size was at one byte only! getting it back up to 8 bytes and all is working
Thanks alot!

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