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troubles with select debug target | Cypress Semiconductor

troubles with select debug target

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good afternoon

i have troubles with my program system. i have a cy8ckit001 psoc and i'm trying to program and following the instructions for programming in the select debug target appears a window that i will attach and when i click port acquire the system shows There was an error running port acquire: Can not acquire SWD device! my miniprog3 connected to my development kit and cy8c58lp, what can i do for that funtion and i can program?


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Did you try to update the miniprog3 firmware already?

Connect MiniProg3 to USB, start Cypress PSoC Programmer version 3.24, select the miniprog as the programmer, change to utilities tab and check for updates.

Check miniprog settings for -001 kit :

  • 10 pin interface,
  • power from miniprog,
  • 1.6MHz
  • XRES retet function
  • No external power connected to main-board



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