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Trace features

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I've not yet had occasion to use them, but the datasheets mention all sorts of details about tracing features of the PSoC 5.

There seem to be two interfaces for tracing, one called SWV that uses 1 pin (in addition to the two already used for SWD) and one called TRACEPORT that uses 5 pins.

What are the pros and cons? What sort of connector should these pins be routed to for connection with a debugging device?

How do you go about watching/reading one of these traces? I don't see any obvious buttons in the debug menu, but it may just be because I don't have appropriate hardware attached.

Why does the PSoC Creator design-wide resources editor (on the System tab) only have a checkbox for "Enable Trace" if there are two trace interfaces? Which interface does this enable? Is it possible to enable the other?

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SWV is a single-wire trace port that allows you to stream info off-chip without interrupting the prcessor. You can use it in a simple "printf" mode or set it up to do PC sampling, variable watches or notify you of events like interrupts. It's a really cool chip feature that, unfortunately, we do not have support for in PSoC Creator or MiniProg3 at this time. We're hoping to address that soon but I do not have a timeline for you yet.

The trace feature is the ARM embedded trace macrocell (ETM) which supports instruction tracing through 4 extra pins. While you get more information out of that interface it does cost you those pins, which is often a tricky proposition in our space. The support story is similar on the software side.

Hope this helps. Sorry I cannot tell you all about the software feature today.

-- mgs.


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OK, I will keep an eye out for that in the future. :)

Thanks for the info.

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Just ran across this.  The following Knowledge Base Article may help.



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