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TopDesign file not compatible with subversioning systems | Cypress Semiconductor

TopDesign file not compatible with subversioning systems

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Dear community, 

when developing with PSoC Creator and a team of Embedded Systems Engineers,  we are using subversion systems like Git to keep track of changes to the software. This is a much better and more modern approach then sending zipped projects from person A to person B, which unfortunately is still very common among engineers all over the world.

Using git, svn or mercurial works great with the most part of our projects, as it's perfect for tracking changes to code files. However, the TopDesign.cysch file constantly gives us headaches. As it is saved in a binary format unknown to subversion systems, changes cannot be tracked, which leads to frequent confusion among the engineer about who did what change last. We had a couple of bugs because the TopDesign cannot be merged from a feature branch, and the engineer just blindly replace it his/her version, without taking into consideration that others also had made changes to the file. We need to log all changes made to this file separately, and inform all engineers about changes.

A solution to this problem would be to change the file format of the TopDesign.cysch file in a future PSoC Creator release. Instead of using a proprietary binary file format, you could choose to write a custom XML format, which would be totally suitable to store all necessary configuration information. 

I'd love to hear the thoughts about this within the Cypress Developer Community and also from Cypress themselves. 

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Good idea. I would also request a readable design for SVN.

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Last year when I visited Cypress in Portland/Oregon there was the promise to focus on versioning systems. I think the immense amount of work coming with the Spansion merge has delayed the forthcoming.



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