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Switch from Keil 9.03 to Keil 8.16a | Cypress Semiconductor

Switch from Keil 9.03 to Keil 8.16a

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As a sanity check we would like to switch from 9.03 to 8.16a and try to mimic the exact production environment that we inherited code from. We downloaded 8.16a and went to Tools-->Options-->Project Management-->Generic Toolchains and set the binary path to the DP8051 of version 8.16a but the options to switch to it in Build Settings/Build Configuration does not show up. Any thoughts what we may be doing wrong? The only option is still for the newer 9.03 compiler. 






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You need to select DP8051 Keil Generic in the build settings


This option can be used to select a separately installed version of the Keil toolchain. While any version can be selected, the only officially supported versions are 8.16, 9.03 , and 9.51

Please check the PSOC Creator Release notes for details,



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