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Suggestions for development of a signal conditioner | Cypress Semiconductor

Suggestions for development of a signal conditioner

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Hello everyone,

Anyone here have prior experience in development of a signal conditioner in Psoc Creator ? Actually, the main components which I have to implement are a filter and a instrumentation amplifier. I would be very pleased, if anyone could point me in the right direction. I'm a really a beginner in Psoc Creator enviroment.

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Rladeira, welcome in the fascinating world of PSoCs!

PSoC3, or 5 contain only digital filters and no instrumental amplifier at first sight. Depending on your requirements (Voltages, frequency, noise) you may use an external amplifier or you build one with the opamps contained in the PSoC.

Nevertheless there are LPFs but their use is a bit limited.


Another choice would be to go with a PSoC1 which has got internal analog filters, amplifiers which could be used as instrumentation amps and ADC. The downgrade is speed and debug capabilities which are inherent for PSoC3,4,5 evaluation Kits but for PSoC1 only with an In-Circuit-Emulator (ICE-Box).



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Recently, We discused with Instrumentation amp for PSoC3 and 5.

Please look and see.

[ ]

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The importance of the IA in a design is crucial. One can "easily" delude oneself

into thinking I have a 20 bit A/D, all is good, when in fact the IA is the front end

and source of most of the errors in high resolution/precision/accuracy designs.


Read the thread carefully PSoC73 mentioned, as it shows a lot of NON WORKABLE



Your choice to get a "reasonable" IA out of PSOC is to use -


1) A/D in diff mode, but it is limited as to its input buffer G choices.


2) Use OpAmps in PSOC + precision external R network. This is "OK" at DC, but

if you need AC performance is compromised by phase delay matching, and layout.


3) Use external IA. from the likes of NSC, TI, Analog Devices.


This might help, well worth the read -


Regards, Dana.

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