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Stepping through functions - Cant see the C code | Cypress Semiconductor

Stepping through functions - Cant see the C code

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When I'm stepping though code,and try to step into a call to a function thats in some other file(other than main.c),it goes into ASM code,rather than the C code as written in that other C file.

However,I can stepping into functions written in the same file from which they are called works as expected.

This is sad when it happens,since you lose track of whats happening.Most projects do involve code from multiple files,and so debugging them in Creator is next to impossible.What am I doing wrong? Please guide me.


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 As  far as I know, the control does go into the implementaed code and then furthur step through(F11) will take you to the assembly code. You can always put a breakpoint in a implementer function (outside main.c) and then step over.

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