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Single stepping around interrupts | Cypress Semiconductor

Single stepping around interrupts

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Okay, so this is annoying.  I have a 100ms timer interrupt and when I try to single step through my code guess where I spend all my time.  Is there a way to single step without going into ISR's?

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There is no build-in way to disable interrupts while stepping. 

On PSoC3, the user can do it manually by setting the EA bit within the IE register to 0 before the step and 1 after the step.  This is one of the standard 8051 registers that is listed in the disassembly window.

Having a 100ms interrupt is a hard real-time requirement, single step is a different domain, the non real-time domain. Unfortunately these two domains do not go well with each other.

I hope this helps, Robert

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This isn't any more great news, but my work around for this has been to keep moving breakpoints around and not use the single-step feature...

One thing that I have tried in certain cases is to comment out the global interrupt enable call, then I can step through some code. Of course, in most cases this won't help much...

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