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Silent Setup - PSoC Creator 2_1 Component Pack | Cypress Semiconductor

Silent Setup - PSoC Creator 2_1 Component Pack

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we will use the PSoC Creator in a classroom for our students. For the rollout we plan an installation without any user action. Is there a way to do a silent setup? The InstallShield-options seems to be ignored. 

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You could always set up an empty (or one with a specific application, eg. one of the

example projects) project and instruct students to open that when welcome screen

opens in Creator. You could use a Win script to open Creator, and there is an option

to check off that will open the last workspace.


Regards, Dana.

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 I am sure Cypress would help to find a way to silently install PSoC Creator on multiple PC's.


 I think the best way to resolve this is to create a case: Support > Technical Support > Create a Case




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