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Set breakpoints in static library functions

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I moved some of the generic functions and modules to a static library.

My application does not have problem linking the library and seems running fine. I can even trace into the functions in the library and do step-by-step debugging. But I can not set breakpoints inside library functions. It shows a hollow circle on the leftmost column instead of a solid circle. The breakpoint is completely ignored. (see attached).

I can go step-by-step and get there and make a stop on that statement. 

I believe there is a bug that the debugger can not locate the source for BREAKPOINTS. The debugger finds the source if it moves into the library step-by-step.

What do you think? Are there workaround ? 






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Did you include the path to the Library sources in the Project -> Build settings -> Compiler -> Additional Include Directories?



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Thank you for your reply, Bob.

Yes, the directory for the sources in the library is included. See attached

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It will be useful if you can post your project here, or a simple project where the issue can be reproduced.



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I have this issue too. Did this ever get resolved?

Kelly C.

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