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PSoC Creator1.0でUnicode変換エラー? | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC Creator1.0でUnicode変換エラー?

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PSoC Creator1.0 SP1を使用しています。


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Dear Okame,

unfortunately we can not read your question. Could you please repost in English?

In Creator 1.0 Unicode UTF-8 is supported. In Creator Beta-5 Unicode was not supported.

Without knowing your question, most forum members will not be able to answer


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Sorry, not good at English.

PSoC Creator1.0 SP1 is used. Build an error dialog like the following output. How can I avoid this like any, please provide any information you have. "component of the application for exception is not handled. [continue] clicking, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue." byte "in the 760 index [8B] specified Unable to convert to Unicode code page. "Workspace name, path and file name are not included in Japanese. Written in Japanese to the source code for the comments. Japanese is used in only a comment. Save the source in the UTF-8.

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