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PSoC Creator - PSoC5 LP Update

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Hello All,

When I boot up the Cypress Update Manager software and click "Check for updates", I see a "No Updates Availible" message. i have PSoC Creator 2.1 component pack 4, and I understand that Service pack 1 is now availible. What do I have to do to get this to work?



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 Diode Dan,

To download PSoC Creator 2.1 Service Pack 1, you need to go to  Note this release provides support for our newly released PSoC 5LP devices and addresses a few defects in some of our components.  We did not push an update notice through the update manager because we're working on another, bigger software release that's coming in a few weeks and didn't want to bug you guys twice to download unless you really wanted to.  

Any other questions or feedback, please let us know and thanks!


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