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PSoC Creator Newbie

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Hey community!

Can anyone give me a good starting point for training with PSoC creator?  I wanted to find a video/guide that goes through a full project from begin to end if there is one.  I have gone through the quickstart guide, and understand the general flow of things, just wanted to find something with more details.  Thanks

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Welcome in the fscinating world of PSoCs!

When starting a new project you are presented with a representative list of working examples which all run on one of the development Kits.
Just select one and understand it.


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You can look at the "100 PSoC projects in 100 days" series:

You can also look at the Creator video series, starting with 101: (Architecture and design flow). Or you just look at the Creator online help, which is also very helpful...

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Some additional resources -


1) PSOC 3 Lab Book


2) Regional seminars, contact your local sales office


3) FAE hands on demos, contact your local sales office


4) See attached -


Regards, Dana.





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Another good way would be to start by having a look at many of the example projects present in PSoC Creator and Cypress website forums...They really give you a good general understanding of the peripherals!



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