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PSOC Creator - Microsoft Visual C++ Exception | Cypress Semiconductor

PSOC Creator - Microsoft Visual C++ Exception

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Hi all

I created a new virtual machine with Windows 10 and moved existing PSOC Creator projects to shared folder with host Ubuntu OS.

I'm getting strange exception (shown bellow) if I run projects and open one of source files from shared folder. But if I run it from virtual machine's local disk everything is OK. I also ran a clean and rebuild command but the problem still remains.

What could be the problem? 

Best Regards,



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Reason for error: This happens when you run PSoC Creator on a virtual machine and access source files from a shared folder. There is a known issue with a third-party tool that is used to support the Semantic Parsing features. For more information, refer to the bug report for that tool (

Workaround: Disable Semantic Parsing using the Tools > Options > Semantic Parsing menu item. Please note that this requires a PSoC Creator restart.


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