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psoc creator iir DFB

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Hallo everybody.

I'm new to Psoc so i'm starting with the latest tool, the Psoc Creator. After searching and searching the question remains: how is possible to integrate a simple IIR filter in my project using the DFB - DSP capabilities of the psoc3 (or psoc5) ?

in Psoc Creator only a FIR filter element is available  by now , (and seems not suitable for filtering out the 50 hz hum from  the adc output)

I know that a simple and effective filtering could be done writing a filter in C language and letting the MCU execute the task, but the MCU has something else to do, and is a perfect job for the DFB - DSP block, anyway.

So, can anybody suggest a way , and possibly were to find the relative documentation? I tougth that maybe was possible to take  some DSP code and create a new library component or maybe link some external code as a library but found no hints.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion


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