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PSoC Creator freezes

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Hi Everyone


I wondered why PSoC Creator 3 and now with Creator 4,  the workspace  freezes  very frequently, it loses the cursor and this is repeated a few seconds again.
This is very annoying because sometimes occurs for 5 seconds long
This is more intense when I'm online. The first time it happened, it was a couple of weeks and it looked like someone was accessing remotely PSoC Creator  because that the cursor was moving alone.
I was suspecting from my laptop but it work OK, I have have 16 GB of memory and 348 GB free on Hard disk.

Thank for any help about it.

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You are the first having problems like that.

Is part of your project oe Creator on a network drive?

Which os (version) do you use.

Can you make QUITE sure your machine is not infected?



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Hi Bob

Thank you for your answer.

I'm using Windows 10  64 bits.

I have no network to work, it's only my laptop.

As additional feature , PSoC Creator 4 today,   took a long time to open and on the top bar it displayed " not responding".

It starts some times showing partially some previous open tab but it  doesn't show nothing on workspace explorer.

I have tried  the repair option from the Update Manager but the issue remains.

I have not issue with other app in may laptop.

I'll will check for virus as you suggested.

Thanks for you help.






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How much memory do you have on your system? How much free space on your hard disk? What speed is this computer. I have a slow system and I have had this issue. Is your Internet fast?

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Hi bobgar

On my first post you will find your question.

Anyway the issue was  about a  project bundle.

I mean I open the bundle and start to work OK for some time but after that it started to  generate those issues.

I need to learn hoe to open a bundle correctly.

Thank you very much for your interest.



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