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psoc 4 uart serial read write | Cypress Semiconductor

psoc 4 uart serial read write

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How to serial print string via bluetooth device, there is only uart putchar option.


I am transmitting a word to bluetooth device via uart.

Synchronously I would like to receive a continuous string[size n]  from the bluetooth device without any break from transmission data. 


For eg. I transmit "hello" from psoc over uart

and would like to receive any string eg. "Apple"

what i get : helloAhellophellophellolhelloe..

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Please send you project code so we can determine what is wrong with your code.

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simple uart tranmit receive using psco 4 protype kit, trogh pins 7.0 for  rx and 7.1 for tx. I receive data "HELLO" in my bluetooth device(HC05) terminal however receive data not showing up on serial window connected to com port of psoc.

#include <project.h>
#include "string.h"
int main()
    CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */
    char8 rxData;
    //int i;
    /* Place your initialization/startup code here (e.g. MyInst_Start()) */


    rxData = UART_UartGetChar();
   if (rxData){
        /* Place your application code here. */

/* [] END OF FILE */

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It seems like you are sending the HELLO in a for loop.

You are only waiting to get a single char, not the complete string.

Either you can have a counter to wait until all the char is received or to check for a special character as end of string.



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