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Programming Issues : Initial Debugging | Cypress Semiconductor

Programming Issues : Initial Debugging

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Many times we face issues in programming. Some issues can be solved on our own. So if you are unable to program the chip, then ensure the following,

1. Proprer device is selected in the device selector window. Creator->Project->Device Selector.

2. The power supply jumpers in the board are present.

3. After powering the board, check the voltage at Vcc pins. This is regulated voltage and it should be ideally 1.8V. If it is not, then it could be some power supply issues.

4. Capacitors on the supply pins has to be as close as possible to the supply pins. The capacitor values recommended can be found in thr device Architecture TRM-> Power Supply and Monitoring section.

5. If the power supply is from MiniProg, then VDDD and VDDA lines has to be connected to VTARG of MiniProg. In PSoC 3/5LP development board, this short is not present. Hence either external power supply is required or VDDD and VDDA lines has to be shorted.

6. In the Device manager, you can check if the device is getting recognised or not. If it getting recognised as a unknown device, then there are issues with the drivers.

7. If you are using MiniProg3 then to choose the appropriate programmming settings, go to Creator->Tools->Program/Debug->Port Configuration->MiniProg3 and choose the appropriate settings.

If you are supplying power using external power supply, then Power Supply mode of programming cannot be done because MiniProg cannot control the power. Only reset mode of programming has to be done.

If anyone has more to add, kindly add to the post.



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You guys do you have posted that is forced by someone?

If you want to post by all means, make it into the knowledgebase not in here.

Please do not increase the post in vain

Answer to real troubles and fix Bugs.

Thank you

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End-of-year bonuses depending of number of posts here, I would guess. You get what you measure, not what you want...

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 I'll check with our apps manager and see what's going on with the FAQ posts.



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