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pre build action with creator?

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I want to add a pre build action (external .exe) in a project with creator 3.0.

Where can I do this?


Thank you. Kind regards.


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Hi treess

What is the (external .exe)?

You mean Windows executable object?

If so, that is impossible. Creator's object is *.hex file.

Doesn't include *.exe file.

If you mean pre-build component,

Then you can use component library file.

My understanding is quite wrong?

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Yes, wrong. Treess looks for a place to run a windows .exe before the build is actually started. Normally used to automatically generate version information and things like that.

Bob numbers

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AFAIK this isn not supported - you cannot add own build steps.

The best guess might be to replace one of the executables which is run during build (e.g. the fitter) with your own one, which calls the additional code and then the original executable.

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