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Power Toggle Switch

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 Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new to the PSoC creator. I'm working with the PSoC 5LP develeopment kit. Attached to this message is my project I am working on to use a switch to turn on a LED but to also use that same switch to turn off the LED and turn on another after holding that LED for 4 seconds. I set up a design that I'm most confident will work, with a debouncer to a counter. 

The issue I am having is with the main.c that I am building. If I use the debouncer sperately I can toggle the LED on and off with the switch easily, but with the counter connected I seem to lose this capability. Also i cannot seem to get the other LED to turn on after 4 seconds. PLS HELP. 

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If you are trying to post your project do NOT use Google Chrome,

seems that it is a problem on this website. Use Firefox or IE.


Regards, Dana.

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