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Potential Small Bug Found In PSoC Creator 2.0 | Cypress Semiconductor

Potential Small Bug Found In PSoC Creator 2.0

Summary: 1 Reply, Latest post by Robert-CY on 22 Dec 2011 09:42 AM PST
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 I accidently named a header file that I had added into the header section of the Workplace Explorer with a '.c' extension. I used the inbuilt right-click->rename function to rename the extension to '.h'. 

However when attempting to build, the error 

.\CortexM3\ARM_GCC_441\Release\CapSenseCommon.o: file not recognized: File format not recognized

was produced (the changed file was called CapSenseCommon.h).

To fix this (and it was not immediately obvious) I had to remove the file from the project and then add it back in, this fixed the bug. It was with a PSoC 5 device (and hence using the Code Soucery GCC compiler).

Not a biggy, but worth mentioning...

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Thank you for the error report. I will put that into our defect tracking system.

To everybody else reading this post, we highly encourage you to report issues you are having with the tools. The forums are monitored daily and action will be taken.


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