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Mismatching hex/dec metadata size in bootloader component | Cypress Semiconductor

Mismatching hex/dec metadata size in bootloader component

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Hi all

I'm experimenting with the bootloader component to distribute software updates over a CANbus link using cyflash as host tool. I've found what I believe is a glitch in bootloader components v1.40 and 1.50.

First of all we're talking about GET_METADATA command.

The documentation states that response packet data should be 56 bytes. In bootloader v1.30 implementation we can see that after the memcpy() we have a rspSize = 56u. v1.40 and v1.50 have a rspSize = <INSTANCE_NAME>_RSP_SIZE_GET_METADATA which is a #define Bootloader_RSP_SIZE_GET_METADATA      (0x56u) in <INSTANCE_NAME>_PVT.h (note the 0x). Seems to me that an unwanted hex has slipped in in v1.40 and v1.50 and now we're getting invalid GET_METADATA responses.

Am I missing something?

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Hi Giuseppe,

Even we could see this, not exactly sure why was this modified. Kindly create a tech support case so that we can take this from there and post the resolution back here.



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