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Minor bug in Creator IDE UI | Cypress Semiconductor

Minor bug in Creator IDE UI

Summary: 1 Reply, Latest post by Bob Marlowe on 17 Aug 2012 05:30 AM PDT
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 I found a very minor bug in PSoC Creator

It may not even be a bug - what do you think?

If you have multiple files open and you select one by clickin on it's tab.

The  you right click on a different tab and select 'Close all but this' then it is the selected tab that stays open, not the one you right-clicked on.

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Ooops! My version 2.1 behaves differently, it closes / keeps open the tab which I right-clicked on! But this I would presume to be a questionable behaveour, I would expect either the selection changes with a right-click to indicate where the command will work on, or the command is executed for the already selected target.



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