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Manual Pre-Post External Commands ... a start | Cypress Semiconductor

Manual Pre-Post External Commands ... a start

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Like many people I have been looking for a way to automatically execute some commands or batch files before or after a build.

I'm still looking at automagically but I've found a technique that works manually.

By adding .pl to the external file extensions, adding a "Perl Scripts" folder to the project, and adding a perl script to the folder "" I am able to with one click regenerate the file needed to contain my webpages for a PSoC5lp, ENC424, lwIP, HTTPD webserver project.

I will also be adding other perl scripts to descend down the long project tree to the .cyacd file and copy/move it to a central place for my bootloader for easier navigation.

Take a look at the attached screen shot. The black box is the execution window for the perl script. I add a wait for input at the end of the script to make it pause and wait for a carriage return so I can see the process.

More details, examples, instructions, how-tos coming soon.

Right now you have to custom code paths etc into the perl script. If I can find ways to access the default path for the project and GCC output then we can make it more automagic and versatile.


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