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Making an exisiting arduino project PSoC 4 BLE compatable | Cypress Semiconductor

Making an exisiting arduino project PSoC 4 BLE compatable

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Hello everyone!!

I don't know if this is the right place to post my query in this community if not so please excuse me for doing that.

I wanted to know that how can i use the (J2) headers on my Cypress PSoC 4 BLE pioneer kit and modify the an existing arduino code in my PSoC Creator.

I want to experiment this as this will help in adding BLE compatibility to my existing project in arduino.

Thanks in advance!

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Its not trivial to port an Arduino project over to a PSoC (apart from simple stuff like setting GPIOs). Its best to rewrite the code, using all thr hardware components that the PSoC has.

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There is a Cypress document that explains how to run an Arduino program on the PSOC 4 device. Check out100 projects in 100 days. You will find an example of an Arduino Internet shield converted to run on a PSOC 4. I don't know the number however.

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I think bobgoar is suggesting you go to Element14 website and there doing a search for "Arduino Cypress BLE"

Let us know if that finds a solution -- or not.

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