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Make cysch files text based for revision control | Cypress Semiconductor

Make cysch files text based for revision control

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Several years ago, EAGLE CAD switched their binary blob schematic files to XML format. This made them much more friendly toward revision control systems like Git. Could you do the same for the cysch files?

Even better would be a "visual" version control system so that I could see the differences in the visual schematics rather than their text representation. 

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Cypress Employee
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Hello Andrew,

I have some good news for you. In PSoC Creator version 4.0 you will be able to find significant modification regarding this requirement. Basically customer will be able to convert CYSCH and CYDWR files to a text based files. V4.0 will bo out in late summer [Sept-Oct].



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Will all the necessary project files be text-based?  It's difficult to see what's changed from one revision to the next

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Yea! With the binary format it's impossible to see what changed when something breaks.  @Jobin It's October: Is there a new ETA for PSoC Creator 4.0?

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