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JTAG/Silicon ID reference file | Cypress Semiconductor

JTAG/Silicon ID reference file

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Hi All

As a result of not always working in the Creator IDE, say Droidedit while on the road, the CYDEV_CHIP_JTAG_ID is not always accessible in cyfitter.h

Is there a reference or include file with all PSoC parts and corresponding CYDEV_CHIP_JTAG_ID's?

Many Thanks

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Cypress Employee
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Hi Greg,

Please find it here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Devices



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Hi Jobin

Thanks for the details. Would you know if the second JTAG id listed in the xxxx.dat files should be used / is needed for compiler directives such as CYDEV_CHIP_JTAG_ID?

#if (CYDEV_CHIP_JTAG_ID == 0x4C81193)
    // My code

For example in CY8C4xxx.dat the following line has two entries:

2,CY8C4245AXI-483, CY8C4245AXI-483, 44, 32768, 3, 04_C8_11_93, 04_C8_12_93, v33

PSoC Creator recognises the first entry when creating a project with the above PSoC device.

My aim is to create a header file similar to the attached, to reference the PSoC4 family.

Many thanks



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Check the first two bytes i.e.04_C8 and mask the remaining one's.

The first two bytes corresponds to the Silicon ID ,third byte corresponds to silicon revision. 

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