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JTAG debuggers for Creator 2.0

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It's great to see that Creator starts working with commercial tools! I am an embedded software person and somebody else is responsible for the hardware configuration.

For software development I've been using Keil and other tools but there is another issue that was not covered in the press release. When I work with Keil uvision, I assume I can also work with ULink2.

Please advice.


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In this first integration between Creator 2.0 and Keil uVision, you still need to use miniprog3 as the JTAG debugger. It is planned to have support through other JTAG debuggers like ULink 2 as well.

There is lots of progress we are making with Creator, 3rd party JTAG debuggers are yet to come.

If you are a professional user with Keil uVision, the cost of miniprog3 is not significant @ $89 is the direct link to buy miniprog 3

miniprog 3 is also included in the CY8CKIT-001, which can be used for all PSoC architectures. 





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