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JLink support for PSoC Creator | Cypress Semiconductor

JLink support for PSoC Creator

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Via GDB on Eclipse it is possible to use the JLink debugging adapter. The Cypress MiniProg3 causes a lot of trouble. Most of the times the connection to the PSOC fails. Yes, I have tried very short wires and capacitors between VCC and GND. I spend a lot of hours trying to get this adapter working.

The main advantage of the PSoC Creator is that the components could be added via drag and drop. The Creator would be the tool of my choice. But for now I have to export my solution each time to Eclipse after changing the components. This is a bit frustrating.

Would it be possible to integrate the JLink nativly into PSoC Creator? The PSoC Creator is a very good IDE, but this is my only wish.

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Timm, this is a developer forum and nobody here is able to change anything in the IDE. Would it be possible that you inform Cypress directly about your suggestion? At top of this page select "Design support -> Create a Support Case" and tell about your suggestion. You will be answered by a Cypress engineer.


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Thank you for the suggestion.Its taken into consideration

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