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Instrumentation Amplifier

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A suggestion to Cypress for customers who need IA's -


1) If designer wants to use PGA in a 2 or 3 OpAmp configuration needed

is a spec for PGAx/PGAy gain ratio, as this affects CMR of the IA. Now you have

gain error for PGA, but I would bet that PGA to PGA ratio tracking is much better

than the G error specs.


2)  The same would be true for the AC specs, GBW, ratio one PGA to another.


3) PGA bias current specs and drift.


4) For users that want to implement with OpAmps and external precision R array,

specs on bias current and drift and GBW ratio OpAmp to OpAmp. This is crude,

better yet would be pole-zero specs, and ratio OpAmp to OpAmp.


Regards, Dana.

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