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Including CMSIS library to PSoC project | Cypress Semiconductor

Including CMSIS library to PSoC project

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 1. How to include CMSIS library to the PSoC project?


Here are the steps that needs to be followed to include the CMSIS library in your project:

1. Please copy the CMSIS library into your project's directory.

2. In workspace explorer(in creator), right click your project and select 'Build settings'->compiler->General. In the 'Additional include directories', add the path of the header files(include folder of CMSIS library).

3. In the same window, change 'preprocessor definitions' to 'ARM_MATH_CM3'.

4. In the same window, please go to linker->general and add 'additional libraries' as 'm'. Apply changes and close the window.

5. In arm_math.h file, add this line "include <device.h>".

6. Since PSoC 5 already contains part of the CMSIS library in "Generated_Source\cy_boot", we have to delete the following definitions.

In core_cmInstr.h, remove the definition of following functions:


In core_cmFunc.h, remove

__get_PSP, __set_PSP, __get_MSP, __set_MSP, _get_PRIMASK, _set_PRIMASK, _enable_fault_irq, _disable_fault_irq, __get_BASEPRI, _set_BASEPRI, __get_FAULTMASK, __set_FAULTMASK, _enable_irq, _disable_irq, _get_CONTROL, _set_CONTROL.

7. Right click source files (workspace explorer), select add->existing item->'and add all necessary source files that you are using'.

Now, the project will build.

Note: Step 6 is not needed in creator 3.0.

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Hi there

Why do you need to add "#include <device.h>" in "arm_math.h"?

The method didn't work for me when it ran into a compiler error as it couldn't find the "device.h" file (on PSoC Creator 3.0)

I had to remove that line to make it work




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I found that you should add  "#include <project.h>"  in stead of device.h   (in Creator 3 and for PSoC5).

After that, no errors



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