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Import/Export Pin-configuration programmatically | Cypress Semiconductor

Import/Export Pin-configuration programmatically

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I have trouble finding how to either manually import-export some text-file format and/or programmatically set/get the pin config in a PSoC Creator project.

Two use-cases:

 - To support several board-designs running the same software, easily be able to maintaing several pin-configuration mappings (kind of like a device-tree on linux)

 - When doing PCB Sch&Layout, during pin-swapping, I want to be able to push the netlist back & forth to PSoC Creator to check that it's a viable pin-swap. This is very tedious to do manually by entering the pins in the window shown below.



Thanks David

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Hello David,

Currently there is no method to change the pin configuration other than from CYDWR. For every pin change the analog/digit routing algorithm has to be rerun.

So one thing you can do is to have multiple project build for different pin configuration.



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