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How to use a grayed out function? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to use a grayed out function?

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Hi, how can I "disgray" out a function from a library? I'm using the same library in two different projects, one is an example code and the other is mine. In the example, the function works but in my code the function doesn't works and I need it. The two blocks are exactly the same. How can I do it?

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I suppose you are talking about functions in generated code.

Which component and which API function you are talking about? Which device??



Yes, it is generated code. I'm trying to use ADC_SAR_SEQ_EnableInjection() on a CY8CKIT-043 (4200M). I've declared the library.

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Depending on the configuration of the component some parts of the API are available or not. So you need to look there. (In your case you need to enable the injection channel)

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