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How to use built-in self test APIs in Psoc Creator | Cypress Semiconductor

How to use built-in self test APIs in Psoc Creator

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Hello everyone

I'm a new user of Psoc Creator 3.3, I'm trying to get the parasitic capacitance value of Cap Sense V2.30. In the datasheet I found that we could use a BIST API called  CapSense_GetSensorCp(), however, it doesn't work when I called this API in main, I took a screenshot of both datasheet and the error information.

Anyone knows about these APIs ?

Thanks a lot.

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Welcome in the forum!

It is always easier for us when we can check your projext and not only some code-snippets os screen shots. To do so, use
Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
and attach the resulting file. Are you using a Cypress Kit? Which one??



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I have the same question - not sure it's worth uploading a bundle for mine.  In the CSD datasheet it lists a function CapSense_GetSensorCp, but autocomplete can't find it, and it doesn't compile.  Maybe we need to include something or enable a switch?


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once you check "Enable built-in self-test" checkbox on the General tab of the CapSense_CSD customizer, you're able to use CapSense_GetSensorCp function provided in the generated CapSense_CSD_BIST.c/.h.

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