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How to switch to the Keil Generic Toolchain ? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to switch to the Keil Generic Toolchain ?

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I would like to switch to my upgraded Keil compiler, but I can't.

1)  PSoC creator use the Keil 8.16a C compiler.

2) I have the Keil 9.01 C compiler installed in the C:\Keil directory.

3) I specify the correct location in Option->Generic Toolchain->DP8051 Keil Generic

4) In the Project->Build Setting, when I change the "DP8051 8.16" to the "DP8051 Keil Generic" the "Apply" button remain shaded.

Do you know what is incorrect ? 

Jean-Louis VERN

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I did not see an answer for this, so here is what I think it should be...

You change the toolchain using the main toolbar, called "Build Configuration / Toolchain"  -- Do not use the menu on Build Settings. That just changes the settings for the specified toolchain; it does not select a toolchain.

If you cannot see the main toolbar in PSoC Creator, right-click next to another toolbar to access the different toolbars available.

Finally, under the Tools menu select Options, and point to Project Management > Generic Toolchains. This is where you tell PSoC Creator where the toolchain is.

Hope this helps!


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