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How to go back in PSoC Creator? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to go back in PSoC Creator?

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Hello, just starting to ramp up on the PSoC creator.  I am looking for the "go back" feature--similar to the back arrow in Visual Studio, or Alt-left-arrow in Eclipse.  I apologize if this should be obvious.

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Undo ?  Ctrl Z, look in Creator User manual for keyboard shortcuts.


Regards, Dana.

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As you may see, we are not quite familar with Visual Studio or Eclipse.

To go back to a previous position in your sources, use Ctrl - (Control minus).

In Creator 3.2 Help you will find a list of shortcuts for some keys.



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Zoom In/Out/To [Ctrl] + [+]
or Ctrl + [–]
Adjusts size of the page according to option


From Creator Manual........

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Go to Help-> Documentation-> Key board Shortcuts , then you will be able to find all the available shortcuts.

#Go back to previous cursor location in Code Editor.                [Ctrl] + [-]  (Use [Shift] for reverse direction.)

And the [Ctrl] + [-]  can do the same thing as mentioned by danaaknight while in View menu

Alt-left-arrow in Eclipse can do -----  Go to previous / go to next Editor Window

I think there is a similar option in PSoC Creator---

Switch between schematic pages. -------[Ctrl] + [F6]  (Use [Shift] for reverse direction.)


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