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High DPI Support for PSoC Creator | Cypress Semiconductor

High DPI Support for PSoC Creator

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Hi guys,

It would be great if you could update PSoC Creator to be DPI-aware. It's actually really close already, so it shouldn't be too much work! Currently it's not declared as DPI-aware to Windows, so the whole thing appears blurry - not very professional! Forcing DPI-awareness, though, shows that most of your GUI sizing is already done with relative font sizes, so it's actually very close to a polished application. There are a couple of issues (e.g. icons seem to have hard-coded pixel sizes, listviews seem to have hard-coded pixel item heights) but I really don't think that fixing these up would take too much of your developers' time.

Laptops and tablets, particularly high-end ones (Microsoft's Surface Pro line and almost all of Apple's current models) are rapidly moving to high DPI displays, so this is only going to affect more and more users as time goes on.



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Thank you for the suggestion, I had forward it to our development team.



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